Hey Blogggers of the world its time for another quiz!

Firstly well done to all the people who got last weeks answer FRIENDS! This week the quiz will be another QR code!

This week the question will be….. Which blog (from Clairvaux) was nominated for the Best Student Blog 2011?



Check my blog next week for the answer


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Book Review

Hello World!

From now on you may be seeing a few book reviews on my blog. This is a good way to find books that you might enjoy! This is a review I did a while a go that children might enjoy.


BY: Leslie Margolis


Maggie Brooklyn is a typical with a passion for dogs – but can’t have one because of her brother’s allergies. Something her parents DON’T know is that Maggie has a job walking dogs well. All they know is that she walks an Irish wolfhound Preston, who is the dog of the lady who owns Maggie’s family’s house. Then when signs start going up around Park Slope about missing dogs, Maggie starts to investigate. Maggie already has three suspects: Boy Milo, Brenda from Boutique breeds and Dr. Reese the Vet. Then something weird happens – when Maggie went to pick up a dog, the lady who owns the dog said that the other dog Maggie had looked exactly like her old dog, Cookie, who went to ‘the Farm’.

Will Maggie find the culprit and solve the case or will she leave her investigating for another day?



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Hey bloggers,

So if you didnt know last weeks Answer was…….  FAMILY!

and now its time to give you the next word…. this time when you scratch the blue card with the coin there will be mixed up letters. Your job is to un-scramble them and leave a comment with the new word BUT like last week it has to be in a different language! (don’t forget to tell me the language!)


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Hey Bloggers of the world!

While reading Leah’s Blog I thought it would be a good idea to have a quiz question every week  just for fun!

Every week I will put the new quiz on and I warn you, it might be a different style! BUT here’s the catch….

Your answer HAS to be in a different language – so no-one can steal your answer (Please put what language it is next to your answer so I know if your answer is right!)


A QR code

This one you can only do if you have an Ipod touch 4th Gen, Iphone or an Ipad 2! On one of these devices you need a QR code app which will scan the code (if you don’t have one of these devices, DON’T WORRY there will be another quiz for you next week)








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How to comment!

Hi again,

As the new bloggers get their new blogs, all the ‘Old’ bloggers were told to help their buddy to write a list on how to comment. Look below to find the new blogs and my blogging buddy,Leah, on my list.


1. No text talk

2. Don’t give out any personal information

3. Don’t put on photos with personal details eg- name of street, in front of your house

4. Proof read your comment before you send the comment

5. Read the whole post before adding a comment

6. Add a question if you want to continue the conversation.

7. Write meaningful comments which begin a conversation rather than just saying ‘Awesome’ or ‘Cool’.

8. Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

By Leah and Jenna (blogging buddies)


Leah’s Blog

An’s Blog

Casey’s Blog

Lilli’s Blog

Olivia’s Blog

Alissa’s Blog

Daniel’s Blog

Georgia S’ Blog

Joe’s Blog

Madie’s Blog

Paige’s Blog

Ruby’s Blog

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Evaluation for Student Blogging Challenge 2011!


This is the Last post for the Student Blogging Challenge 2011 (Week 10

Registration: Is two weeks early enough for registration to begin before the first challenge? 

I think two weeks is a good realistic amount of time to register and start the first challenge.

Subscription: Did you subscribe by RSS or email in order to get the posts as soon as they were published?   Yes! I did subscribed by email to get the blogging challenge  for the week  I also checked the website on a Monday or when a friend told me about the new challenge.

Student and class participants: How useful are these pages in the header of the blogging challenge?  I really didn’t use these things a lot because I forgot about them until Gemma told me they were good to see what other people have written for that challenge.

The challenges:

Did you visit the actual challenge on the blog each week or did your teacher have a post on your class blog? Well most of the time Mrs N or Gemma told us that there was a new challenge up and then I would look at the site.  We were given a checklist of things we had to do.

Which challenges were the most useful? I thought the copyright one was useful for me  because I learnt a lot that I didn’t know. I knew a little bit from the things that Mrs. N taught us but I learnt a lot more than what I knew.   

What would be some other topics you would like included in future challenges?  I don’t know. I think that they covered all the topics that I enjoy. but maybe some more ones about ‘you’ so other people around the world know more about each other.

Which challenges were the most interesting? I liked the art one but sadly my post did not save itself and I  had to start another challenge so it’s not on my blog at the moment. (it might be up after the challenge though)

Are more tutorial type challenges needed? eg how to make a link in your post? I don’t think there is anything else tutorial wise.  I learnt a lot just through what they taught us.  

Were the ‘Visit these’ posts useful? Yes they were! I looked at a few blogs for a post that I wanted to do.

Were the challenges where you had to embed ie polls, cartoons, wallwisher etc interesting or could you not embed due to being a free Edublogs blog or a blogging platform that didn’t allow embedding? I found them interesting and a bit easy because I like challenges like that.  

Were there enough chances to visit blogs from overseas and make links with other students/classes? Yes I think there was because the challenges were not that hard.

Did you make global connections? No I didn’t.

Anything else you would like to mention about the challenge in particular? I enjoyed the challenge because it was a great experience.

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COMING SOON: My Term 4 Inquiry Project!

Run Geelong

The Run Geelong is a run/walk for people of any age to support the Geelong Hospital. Last year over $270,000 was raised for the Children’s Ward in the hospital and this year they are hoping to raised  $500,000 for the redevelopment of the Children’s Ward.  100% of entry fee’s goes to Geelong Hospital Children’s Ward. Runners and Walkers of all abilities can run or walk the 6km track or can run the 12km track that starts and finishes at Kardinia Park and visits some of Geelong’s landmarks such as The Waterfront, City Centre, Kardinia Park, James Harrison Bridge, the Geelong Hospital, Moorabool St, Eastern Gardens and Skilled Stadium! This event will be held on Sunday 20th of November 2011. For more information click on the link to go to the Run Geelong Website

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Information from the Run Geelong Website listed above

Our New Blog Buddies

At the start of a new term at Clairvaux here in Australia, Mrs. N has decided to add some new bloggers to our group. When the year 5 bloggers were told that they were in our group, they were so excited that they were to get their own blog. So all 12 of us ‘old’ bloggers got to choose a blogging buddy to teach the basic steps on blogging. Things like how to write a comment, how to write a post, how to embed and any other things that you may know to achieving a great blog! I look forword to adding all the links to our new bloggers blogs!

Stay Posted to see the new blogs,

Jenna 🙂